You do not have to shy away because of Stretch Marks – Treat them early


Stretch marks are a constant irritant and make people conscious of their appearance.  The majority of stretch marks develop as a result of weight loss and pregnancy. They can be improved if one starts treatments early. Accent Radio-frequency is the treatment of choice at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic clinic. Accent works well on older stretch marks along with the topical treatment with Apothederm cream for 8 weeks. They heal as a result of collagen stimulation and in turn collagen fills in the gaps to bring the stretch marks in level with the rest of the skin.

Before and After Accent Radio-Frequency treatment:

Light treatment is a standard for fresher stretch marks to reduce the redness and it heals better. Accent and light treatments are non-surgical treatments you get the treatment done and get on with your routine.

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