You have thought about your gauged ear long enough? Now take action!


Now take action!

Solutions available for a disfigured ear lobe at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic

What is an ear lobe repair?

We all know what a normal ear lobe and an ear lobe shape looks like.  As we grow, want to experience fashion jewellery, body piercing and the ear gauging, over time they may lead to ear lobe stretching. Then are situations when earring gets caught in to something and ear lobe gets lacerated.

Why do we need an ear lobe repair?

We humans have an image of ourselves as a normal image and appearance. Variations other than what we are normally use to seeing, draws our attention. This leads to unusual looks, bullying, embracement, low self esteem, no confidence, affects one’s well being and leads to psychological issues.

What is an ear lobe gauging? 

Basically it is overstretching of ear lobe skin to wear wider diameter ornaments.  Though, it is an ancient or old fashioned art and has become more popular in recent times.  People have a different definition of beauty. So ear gauging has become very popular in the last 5-6 years.  One can have various reasons to get it fixed. Some have this as a recruitment need, others are fed up of the same look over the years, may be want to wear a new style and want to change their appearance different to the earlier looks. We humans like change more often than not.

Amie Conradine, 19, started stretching her lobes herself from the age of 11

There are cases who simply regret, soon after they had made the choice of gauging.  As is the case with many, soon after having tattoos, they want it to go as soon as possible.  We have many people coming for treatment for“tattoo regret”.

How to fix a disfigured ear lobe?

Ear lobes can get disfigured in the form of lacerated lobe, over stretched, or simply gets misshapen as a result of infection and accidents. Disfigured ear lobes are fixed by surgical procedure carried out under a local anaesthetic.  Procedures are carried out in our Care Quality Commission approved theatre room on the premises.  Repair needs special skills depending on the type of scar and deformity. Then it will require stitches to give a cosmetically acceptable look.  Stitches will be removed on a first follow up visit.

Before                                  After


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