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The term as a non-surgical treatment is given to the cosmetic treatments where you do not have to have any time off, no open skin to look after and above all you can get on with your routine as normal. Any minimal recovery can take place in the background, such as some redness or dryness.

There are a number of non-surgical treatments available at the clinic. They are called maintenance treatments to maintain your looks at their best.

The majority of skin conditions can be treated by non -surgical treatments – examples such as pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne, scarring, unwanted hair and tattoo removal, Rosacea , thread veins, leg veins and others.

The majority of maintenance treatments include a home care programme you need to use. Home care programme is also used to prime your skin for other treatments in the clinic. You will be advised of what is best for you at the time of a consultation with one of our doctors.

The success of a maintenance programme will depend on your regularity with the application as prescribed by your consultant.  Follow ups are equally important in any treatment given. There are situations when you will need a top up. Sometimes the consultant needs to see any signs of side effects or may be your home care regime needs alteration.

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What ever may be your need as a maintenance – book your consultation on 01332 297397. Our helpful and courteous staff will be happy to help you.

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