Signs of aging

Many conditions result from ageing.

Whether it’s age spots, prominent veins or crow’s feet, we can help, use the menu below to direct you to the treatment option open to you.

How can we help?

Age spots/Liver spots

Bat wings


Dark circles around the eyes

Deep lines (Rhytides)

Discolouration of skin

(Hyper and hypo pigmentation)

Double chin

Eye bag

Frown lines


Laugh lines


Loss of elasticity

Moles and lumps

Prominent veins

Red/brown spots

Redness with thread veins

Sagging of neck skin

Sagging skin

Smokers’ lip lines

Spoke’s brow lines above the eyebrows

Sunken cheeks

Thick dry black and yellowish deposits/patches

(Actinic keratosis)

Thin Lips

Tired eyes

Uneven texture and colour